About Our Salon

Anaheim Day Spa Plus is a beautiful day spa located in Anaheim. Anaheim Day Spa Plus offers many different types of massage and also offers Luxurious body treatments that enchants your body's skin. Plunge in the world of such precious treasures as cashmere and silk and let your self be swept away. Our dream is to create an unforgettable spa being and natural beauty is achieved. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our team of dedicated professionals possesses a genuine desire for your overall well being and will make your experience the ultimate retreat. Choose from a variety of advanced body and skin care treatments from our famous nurturing facials, to invigorating body treatments in our Vichy shower. Succumb to our Swedish, deep tissue, or our 90 minute volcanic hot stone massage, to relaxing while enjoying our expert manicures and pedicures. Giving you the maximum benefits in relaxation and transformation, from head to toe. -

The distinctive Anaheim standard goes beyond your expectations, providing outstanding facilities and treatment therapies with your overall health and wellness in mind. In today’s hectic lifestyle we often do not take time for ourselves, so RELAX and let the first steps you take to the perfect balance of beauty, health and wellness, be the ones that bring you to the experience at The Anaheim Day Spa Plus.


Karen H

Wow.....I am impressed -after my first visit, I am hooked on Ecobel! I had a treatment with Matt and I could not be happier; his professionalism, knowledge and courteousness all made for a great experience. I have already made my next appointment.

Dayle Peters

All of THE BEST therapist in one location !!!! Some of the best products and technology in Atlanta ! Wonderful staff.

Edna Barton

Overall highly recommended. After going here I'm confused why anyone would go to Sydell, Natural Body, etc. when you can go from regular to phenomenal for only a little more money. But whatever, I guess that's why Nicelback is still selling records..

Camala Haddon

I love this place. I get lash extensions here by Tuan and he is just a great guy. I always feel fabulous when I leave him. He is excellent with small talk and will make you comfortable by either being quite if you want or if you feel like talking he is very interesting. The atmosphere in the lobby is relaxing as well. I've been using this location for about a year now.

Come relax and pamper yourself at the Anaheim Day Spa Plus.